Usenet newsgroups are public forums in which internet users can read and post notices on particular subjects. The newsgroups listed below are from the ALT., SOC. and TALK. categories. Additional newsgroups can be added to this list. Please send us to direct our attention to newsgroups of interest to the ecumenical community.

The newsgroups below were developed by a variety of groups and individuals. The website takes no responsibility for any of these. We encourage you to explore these resources freely, and ask that you respect the freedom of others to do so as well.


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Please be aware that ALT. newsgroups are generally "alternative" discussion forums. They are normally un-moderated. Serious discussion may be more appropriate on the SOC. newsgroups, which are likely to be moderated.


Please be aware that SOC. newsgroups are generally serious discussion forums. They are likely to be moderated. Discussion of a more "speculative" character may be more appropriate on the ALT. newsgroups, which are un-moderated.